Blessings flow in Nicaragua!

God is good, He doesn’t prefer one person above another!  That’s what happened on our trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua..

This trip, I joined my friend Bryan Bivens and was there to serve and partner with him. (visit his website here)


We flew to Costa Rica and traveled into Nicaragua, across an epic border crossing that seemed like it had 10 extra useless stops.  Put a stamp here, walk a while, pay a fee here, walk a while, see if you are sick here.. it seemed very inefficient : )


After a long crossing and even longer journey, we had almost reached our destination when we came across stopped traffic and a guy laying out in the road!  He had fallen off a cargo truck and had no signs of life in him.  We got him in the truck, Bryan straddled him and spoke life back into him, he immediately started gasping for air and life came into him!   We dropped him at the hospital to get his head sewed up.  So when in a hospital.. of course pray for people!!  A couple hours later, almost a dozen people were healed, it was a great start..


One of many who were healed in the emergency room


Not long after we got into town, we were live on the radio preaching!  People called in that were touched while listening to the broadcast, the station reaches over 50,000 people.


We ministered in the market, again on the radio, then Bryan taught at a school of ministry, then at another church where many were touched and radically healed.   It was a busy week


I call it an outstanding miracle when souls are saved.  I love it when folks are healed, but when their souls are transformed, that is awesome!!  Bryan ministered at an open air meeting near the city of Matagalpa.  Many were touched, delivered and saved.


A trip would not be complete without picking on a man of God..


Then more border craziness..


Then to top it off, the flight home from Liberia, Costa Rica was delayed for hours because the AIRPORT WAS ON FIRE!!  go figure

We appreciate your prayer and support.  A ton of lives were changed and impacted on this trip, and a radio program was birthed!  Lives continue to be impacted from this trip

Thank You!


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