Radio Program

During the trip last year to Nicaragua, we got connected with the owner of a Christian radio station.  He was very generous to us and gave us air time on Sunday morning!


We now minister weekly on FM radio and reach around 50,000 people with a new expansion into another city coming soon!


It started when I joined Bryan Bivens on a ministry trip to Central Nicaragua and we ministered on the radio there live.


Today, it has grown and we have had over 40,000 downloads of the programs!  I have even been able to set up a live stream from my office in Springtown, Texas to do live programs!

Even though the program slot was offered to us for free, we support the Radio Station monthly and it enables them to reach orphans and very poor families in very remote mountainous areas a few hours from where the station is operated.  If you want to give toward this part of the ministry, most of the money does not go for airtime, it is enabling them to reach remote areas with the Gospel.


Here are some of the children he reaches

Listen to the radio station Here Our program is on Sunday at 9:00am Central Time


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