Epic Journey across Mexico

We just finished an 1800 mile bus ride across Mexico, stopping to minister in 7 different locations.


Joining me on this trip was Bryan Bivens, my friend and partner in ministry.


The trip took us from Mexico City all the way to Cancun.  I may have lost count of how many places we ministered, it was a lot!

So many people came to know Jesus, tons were touched and healed of all kinds of diseases!   Update:  May 2017,  I continue to receive reports of healings that took place, many went back to the doctor for further checkups and there was nothing wrong!  One lady had an incurable blood disease, the doctor gave her a clean report!


As a side note.. pray for this horse’s back : )

We ministered to everything from people on the streets to leaders of communities, God loves them all!  The mayor of one town re-dedicated his life to Jesus.


Altars packed out with people hungry for more of Jesus!  It was absolutely beautiful.


Bryan with the president of the Community Churches of Mexico


As we worked our way up the Yucatan, we stopped and I preached in Campeche City.   Many of the people there serving the Lord were people I had known for over 35 years!  It ended up being a great reunion of 5 of us guys that grew up together.  Again, the altars packed and God moved beautifully.


Before we headed home, we stopped at an open air market where God touched a young man deeply through some prophetic words Bryan gave.   (You can imagine how that place smelled!)

The churches were encouraged, many souls were saved and Jesus was lifted up!

Thank you for supporting what God is doing in Latin America and in Texas.  We couldn’t do it without you!


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