Upcoming South America Trip!

Headed back to South America on September 11th! (What a great day to fly!)

 One Week in Ecuador

    The first part of the trip will be Ecuador, where I will be translating and working alongside my friend and ministry partner, Bryan Bivens. (Visit his website here)  We plan to travel many hours by bus from Quito into the upper Amazon River basin and plan to spend a week there ministering in churches, possibly deep in the jungle, and plan to minister on the radio.

ecuador 1.jpg

This promises to be a very intense trip, we would appreciate your prayers covering us during this time!

Two weeks in Paraguay!

   After Ecuador, we will travel to Paraguay for two weeks!  Why there?  Glad you asked!  in 1991, my Dad and I spent some time there ministering and the burden for the West part of the country never left our hearts.  What I believe is happening there is that we are not just going on a missions trip, but this is the start of a movement that will ultimately affect a 3 country area including parts of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.


The Chaco region of Paraguay where we are going is sparsely populated with Guarani Indigenous peoples making up most of the population.  Over 80% speak Spanish, and the vast majority have never heard the Gospel.  But Jesus loves these people just as much as He loves us and the Power of the Gospel can break through the hardest of hearts!  I can’t wait to see what God does there!


We really need your prayer and financial backing on this trip.  It is not a small thing that is happening here.  Our goal is to literally plant a foothold in this region.  The words the Holy Spirit has put in my heart are these..  We are going to carve out a foothold in the Chaco region.  The beginning of a foundation of a move of God.  Then I heard this in my own words, “The ones that are whole do not need a physician, but those that are sick.  Those are the ones who we are called to reach on this trip.”

Keep Emma in your prayers as well.  This is a looooong time to be apart : (  Call her up every now an then or send her an encouraging note!

Thank You!


Visit the Biven’s website here


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