The Amazon!

We traveled by bus from Quito, Ecuador in the high Andes Mountains down into the Amazon Basin.  Here are a couple pictures from the 8 hour bus ride..

We are based in Macas, in the Eastern part of Ecuador.  Here we have ministered on the streets and in homes.  Tomorrow we will be ministering in a Shuar village in the jungle.   There is a huge need for the Gospel to break through hardened religious hearts, but with the power of the Holy Spirit, anything is possible!

The couple in the picture above lead outreach missions all over the area through their church.

Below Bryan Bivens shares an awesome testimony of timing and of the Holy Spirit touching and saving this beautiful couple who are of the Shuar indigenous people group.

Today has been a most interesting day! Scott and I bumped into this man on the street when we noticed him eating these strange bugs. Scott asked him what they were (a huge Amazonian ant), and we ate one!   After that, we found out that he was a liaison of sorts between the government and the indigenous people of this area.   After that, he invited us to his house and we led him to Jesus, prayed for him to receive the Holy Spirit and gave him and his wife Bibles…praise God!

   One of the coolest things we learned is that he is going to an inter-tribal festival tomorrow, where over 3,000 indigenous people are meeting for a ceremonial meeting. He’s the director of this organization. How Big is God?   So we encouraged him to share his testimony with as many as possible and got His WhatsApp number where Scott and I (mostly Scott) can talk with him regularly for discipleship and fellowship!   Praise the name of Jesus! How many could be reached through this man? Please pray for Fabiano and his family! Jesus is King!

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