Into the Amazon

Bryan and I spent the day ministering to folks going house to house in a Shuar Indian village.  This tribe has only had contact with the outside world for 50-70 years.  The needs are overwhelming, religious influence has kept the people in bondage even to the point of hiring shamans to curse people to keep them bound up.  Our God is greater and He demonstrated that to these precious people today.

Walking to a house.  We never went 12 hours without rain the entire time we were here!

This mans foot straightened out from a 45 degree angle in about 10 seconds, then he walked for the first time in 3 years.  He looks a little angry in the moment, but was being overcome by God’s presence in that second!

This woman was bound by infection, pain and suffering for years, she testified of feeling heat and her face began to burn as she experienced freedom from pain for the first time in years!  God is so Good!!

Same with this lady, chronic pain for years, then she lifted this log with ease with no pain! 

This is the real deal, they let us shoot a blow gun!  (No poison tip) and wow, was I impressed by the accuracy and force they produce!  This is also the shelter they use to have church services in.

Bridge on the “main” highway

Now back in Quito, here are parts of the city we passed on the way to the airport..

Much more happened, just wanted to give some highlights!


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