Western Paraguay

After two days of travel, we arrived in The middle of nowhere in Western Paraguay.   It is an extremely isolated area, but it’s a region we have prayed for over the last 25+ years.  We traveled overnight in this large double decker bus. The road got so bad,  the last 100 miles took almost 4 hours!

We are in the center of an area roughly the size of Arkansas, but you have to travel over 250 miles to find another town with a population over 1,000!

This morning we rented a dirt bike (for Bryan) and since there was nothing else left that was “manly” I got the scooter!  We used these to travel 60 miles further into the bush to share Jesus!   The roads were incredibly sketchy, and in places the dust and sand was crazy deep, but we arrived covered in dust with our shoes full of sand but ready to share Jesus!

Did I say it was bad?   60 miles was pushing 3 hours!

The first village we preached in was a Nivacle indigenous village.  People immediately surrounded us!  Bryan shared the love of Jesus and preached about the Kingdom.  They were very receptive.

We then got to minister Kingdom principles to a local pastor and some leaders.  We prayed with them and over them and their town.   The house behind them is the pastors home.  They have almost nothing, and have few ways to make a living.

We then went to an Ayoreo Indigenous village.  There are only about 2,500 of this tribe remaining and some are uncontacted!  The Paraguay Government knows they exist, but only the general area as the separated part of this tribe travels constantly in search of food and water. (I told you this was a remote area!)

We ministered to this man (below) who is the local leader, he opened a community building of sorts and within 15 minutes we had a small crowd!

The Holy Spirit touched many today, and some felt the presence and power of God for the very first time!

It was an unforgettable day.

In all we traveled 145 miles over some really tough terrain, but it was so worth it to be able to share the Gospel.


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