Nivacle’ Village West Paraguay

Campo Loa, Paraguay, population 127.  A town of incredible poverty and in great need of the Gospel.  People live in tiny one room “houses” with no electricity and no running water!   They can’t even use water wells because the water is so salty.  It’s undrinkable and even unusable to water plants!   Our hotel room 35 miles back in town felt barely better than a prison but seemed like a palace compared to these huts.  (our hotel was the “best” place in town!)

They have metal roofs to catch rainwater to drink.   It didn’t appear to me that there was water available even to bathe!    Bryan and I reached the place with the motorcycles we had rented.   It was a very rough 35 mile ride into the bush

  A group quickly gathered, the town bell was rung and Jesus was preached to this very remote group of people.

I was surprised at how demonstrative and open the people were emotionally when God healed them!

This man was instantly touched and healed of serious back pain he had lived with for years!  (He’s testing for pain by lifting this heavy sack).  People simply have to let sickness take its course, it’s so far and such a rough trip to a clinic, they either get over the sickness or they don’t make it.   There are of course no cell phones available to call for help.

Men and women alike were very responsive to the message.   I want to visit this place again and spend time discipling these people.   There is a roof here where we met, it’s where they have town meetings.  The government built it to collect rainwater into an underground cistern to help the village.  That’s the only evidence of outsiders I saw other than the clothes they wear.

All in all, it was an incredible experience.   Our everyday meals that consisted of coffee and hard bread for breakfast, tuna, crackers and water for lunch and dinner, but it seemed like food fit for kings compared to what these people eat.   Sometimes of course, we mixed it up and had sardines, crackers and water for lunch and dinner!  Like here at our roadside park and restroom.

We drove back into town then left to start the long journey home via an 11 hour hot sweaty bus trip, but it was impossible to complain while my thoughts were on this village.

We crossed the Paraguay River as we arrived back in the capital, Asuncion.   Saying goodby to this nation that has been in our hearts for so many years.   Until next time..

These people will forever be in my heart and prayers. 

-Scott McDonald

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