Aliento de Dios

Church Location:

3011 Arrow Ln.  Fort Worth, Texas 76114     Website Here

Aliento de Dios is the church we pastor.  It was founded in August of 2015 after 12 years of prophetic words and prayer.

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Pastor Carlos Contreras came from Mexico to minister at the church during the dedication.  God moved and many hearts were touched

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We met for 2 years at Cornerstone Community Church in Springtown, Texas and we were honored to be a part of that church.  Thank you Cornerstone for allowing us to use the facility!!


Pastor Frank and his wife Georgina Juantos joined the ministry team in 2016 and continue to work together with us.




Besides all her other work at the church, Emma directs the children’s ministry and does an incredible job!


In September of 2017, we moved into our own facility in North Fort Worth!  We are excited to see a fresh move of God in our area, and are expecting great things!

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Inside the new location.

Aliento de Dios:

Our mission is:

To restore the relationship between us and our creator and to bring an expansion of the Kingdom of God here on earth.  To build a culture of honor that is characterized by walking and operating as a family, creating an atmosphere where miracles, signs and wonders are normal, bringing an awakening and healing of minds and bodies, and cultivating a deeper relationship with God through our worship and devotion to His Word.

Our vision is:

To have a regional and worldwide movement by being a center for both spiritual and physical resources to equip for a true awakening.  To create a network of cell groups that operate under the guidance of the leadership to strengthen families and relationships and to reach the lost.  To create a network of churches with apostolic oversight and influence that operate in all of the fivefold ministry and in all of the gifts of the Spirit available to us today.

This move is characterized by:

Relationship with God

Supernatural giftings and ministry

Extravagant giving

Walking in Love